Pipe bookcase /


  • Modular Bookcase Pipe | Description

    Pipe is a wall-mounted bookcase and modular shelving unit made of hydraulic pipes, metal supports and melamine shelves.
    Shelves are screwed into the metal supports, that are anchored to the studs. Combining the studs and shelves you can create endless combinations that can perfectly fit in your space.
    You can choose shelves position.
    The melamine shelves measure P 31 cm x H 1,8 cm.

  • Technical specs

    The Pipe modular bookcase is fixed to the wall using screws and plugs.
    The shelves are fixed to the structure using shelf supports which are supplied together with the shelves. The shelf supports are of two types, lateral to fix the shelf to the side upright and central to fix two consecutive shelves to the central upright.
    The shelves are 31 cm deep and 1.8 cm high.

Expected delivery time for this item is 20 working days.