Dama modular organiser

Design Damiano Latini

Dama is a modular shelving unit with a sophisticated and minimal design created to furnish different rooms of your house. You can customise this furnishing accessory with a wide range of accessories such as shelves, hooks and container bags according to where it is places, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Thanks to a patented interlocking system you can hang all accessories to the main structure without using screws. In this way you can easily and quickly change the disposition of the accessories as you like.


Dama lux

Shelving unit with LED lighting

Dama Lux is another version of Dama shelving unit, equipped with a electrified bar with sockets and one USB port to plug in devices. A furnishing solution thought for people who like a dynamic and modern kitchen, decorated not only with cabinets but with open personalised structured as well.