IO / Bathroom furniture

IO, a harmonious balance between straight lines and rounded shapes

Design: Nunzia Ponsillo Design Studio

Essential design and flexibility are the key distinctive features that make IO a smart bathroom furnishing solution for homes and the hospitality industry. Lack of space for many people is a constraint, for us is an opportunity. IO is a suspended open storage system especially suitable for smaller bathrooms. Thanks to a flexible design, custom height and width, IO is a tailor-made solution that allows to maximize storage spaces while keeping the aesthetics appeal.

The vertical profiles have a back groove to hold the strip LED and two side binaries for the horizontal profiles. Thanks to a new and advanced hooking system the horizontal bars can move along the binary and be easily fixed at the preferred distance.

IO is realised in collaboration with Domus Line, leader in lighting devices supply, that provides the structure with equipped with a D-Motion lighting system that allows you to choose the color temperature (2700 K or 4000K) of all the light sources integrated with the mirror and the structure. The mirror has a control system that consists of three touch switches to turn the light on and off, select the color temperature and activate the anti-fog system. Thanks to the IP44 protection rating, the light sources and the mirror are protected against water splashes.

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