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  • Back kitchen organiser | Description

    Back is a wall-mounted kitchen panel composed of an extremily versatile and customisable metal plate. Easy to assemble the perforated surface can cover completely your kitchen back or just part of it, according to your preferences.  Back can be customised with shelves and kitchen accessories that are hooked to the structure with no need to drill and screw. 

  • Technical specs

    The surface of the Back kitchen organiser is perforated and each hole is 5 cm apart.
    Back panel does not require assembly but you just need to fix it to the wall using screws and plugs. To fix the panel to the wall, 3 holes are required at the top and 3 holes at the bottom, with the exception of the L 150 cm size which requires 5 holes at the top and 5 at the bottom. For example, in the 90 cm L panel the distance of the lateral holes from the central hole is 40.5 cm.
    For more details download the technical data sheet below.

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