GIostra-L Lux with LED lighting /

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  • Living Room Bookcase Giostra-L Lux | Description

    Giostra-L Lux is a living room bookcase with LED lighting integrated into the crosspieces and floor-wall anchoring. With a modern and minimal design, Giostra-L lux is ideal for furnishing the living room. The LED light completes the design of the structure and is perfect for creating a more intimate and welcoming atmosphere by adjusting the intensity of the light via WiFi remote control.
    The Giostra-L Lux wall bookcase is composed of two vertical aluminum uprights H 208 cm, 5 horizontal crosspieces for each module, metal shelves 31 cm deep, the power supply and the remote control for turning it on and off.

  • Technical specs

    Giostra-L Lux's uprights have a 5 cm mixum excursion. Each crossbeam is equipped with LED lighting (230 V, 3000 K) and a remote control to select the light intensity.
    The distance between the horizontal crossbeams is 38,7 cm, while the distance of the last one from the floor is 28.3 cm - 34.3 cm. Easy to assemble, it is only available with metal shelves that are screwed to the horizontal bars.

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