GIostra-L Lux with LED lighting /


Giostra-L Lux is a wall-mounted bookcase. The aluminum frame rests on the ground and at the same time it is fastened to the wall. Giostra-L Lux consists of two vertical uprights H 208 cm (plus 6 cm adjustment through rotating feet) and 5 horizontal crossbeams. Each crossbeam is equipped with LED lighting (230 V, 3000 K) and a remote control to select the light intensity. The distance between horizontal bars is 38,7 cm, while the distance of the last one from the floor is 28.3 cm - 34.3 cm.
Easy to assemble, it is only available with metal shelves that are screwed to the horizontal bars. 
Finally, the structure made entirely of aluminium is extremely lightweight, functional and resistant to water and LED light allows you to decrease consumpion and save money and energy.
VAT and shipping costs aren't included in the price.

Expected delivery time for this item is 20 working days.