IO-L bookcase with LED /


  • Modular bookcase IO-L | Description

    The IO-L wall bookcase is characterized by adjustable shelves and LED lighting integrated into the vertical uprights. The modular structure of the bookcase is made up of vertical uprights and aluminum crosspieces, the latter can slide along the vertical profiles and can be positioned at the preferred distance. T
    he LED lighting is integrated into the uprights and is housed in the rear part so as to be reflected on the wall. The light can be switched on and dimmable via remote control. IO-L is a modular bookcase with floor-wall anchoring available in two heights and two standard widths. The folded sheet metal shelves are included in the price.

  • Technical specs

    The IO-L bookcase with LED lighting is equipped with a dimmable D-Motion light with adjustable color temperature between 2700 K and 4000 K. The structure includes the power supply, the control unit and the remote control. The folded sheet metal shelves are 31 cm deep. IO-L is certified to support a weight of 20 kg for each shelf.

Until June 30th, shipping to Italy is free for orders over €100.