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  • Modular bookcase Tower | Description

    Tower is a modular and customisable wall-mounted bookcase composed of metal studs and wooden shelves. The height and length are adjustable to create customizable solutions. The shelves are in a light durmast melamine finish, on request it is possible to have shelves in walnut, oak and  white or black ash. Easy to assemble, Tower can act as a bookcase and wall unit to complete the living room.

  • Technical specs

    Tower is a modular wall bookcase composed of aluminum uprights and wooden shelves.
    The shelf is 60/90/120 cm wide, 22 cm deep and 1.8 cm high.
    The structure H 173 cm x W 150 cm is composed of 2 uprights H 173 cm, 1 upright H 65 cm and 5 shelves L 90 cm and 2 shelves L 60 cm.

This item will be delivered in 20 working days. Orders placed after July 21st will be shipped the first week of September.

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