Triga kitchen rack /


  • Kitchen under-cabinet bar with LED Triga | Description

    Triga is an aluminum kitchen rack equipped with a LED lighting, two sockets and USB port to connect any device. The electric box is placed on the left and it isn't possible to change the position. The kitchen accessories attach to the under-cabinet bar and can be arranged according to your preferences. The LED lighting integrated into the kitchen rack is turned on and off using a switch in the electrical box. Thanks to an essential and functional design, Triga is easy to assemble and to integrate into any type of kitchen.

  • Technical specs

    The electrical box is positioned to the left of the under-cabinet bar, fixed in that position and does not require wiring. The LED turns on via the power button positioned on the electrical box, from which the 180 cm long power supply cable also comes out and ends in a Schuko socket.

Until June 30th, shipping to Italy is free for orders over €100.

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