Vertical Line Lux bookcase /

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  • Dividing bookcase Vertical Line Lux | Description

    Vertical Line Lux is a dividing bookcase with LED lighting. LED lighting is integrated to each crossbeam. Thanks to a wifi remote control it is possible to regulate lighting intensity and switch on/off the light. 
    Vertical Line floor to ceiling bookcase is made of aluminum with metal shelves. 
    LED lightin 230 V, 3000 K.
    We reccomend to fix the structure to the ceiling to grant safety and stability.

  • Technical specs

    The Vertical Line Lux floor-to-ceiling bookcase is composed of vertical uprights H 268 cm, 6 horizontal crosspieces (with 230 V, 3000K LED light) for each module. The uprights have a maximum excursion of 10 cm thanks to the swivel feet which keep the structure stable. However, for safety reasons we recommend fixing the structure to the ceiling, this can also be done with plasterboard ceilings.
    The shelves are made of metal, 31 cm deep and are fixed to the crosspieces with screws. The structure is supplied complete with hardware for assembly, power supply and remote control for turning it on and off.

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