How to assemble Horizon kitchen rack /

You bought a Horizon kitchen rack with / without chopping board and you would like more information on how to assemble it, then you are reading the right article!

Material provided

  • 4 4x35 mm self-tapping wall screws
  • 4 wall plugs
  • 2 wall holder profiles 14x10 mm
  • 2 hexagonal head grains 4x12 mm
  • 2 closing elements
  • Horizon bar and any accessories purchased

Tools needed

  • 1 drill
  • 1 drill bit diameter 8 mm
  • 1 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 Allen key (supplied with the product)
  • 1 meter


The first thing to do before starting to make the holes, is to correctly define where to place the undercabinet bar, normally we suggest to position the bar at an equal distance from the wall unit and the countertop. If you have purchased a Horizon T complete with chopping board, keep in mind that this has a height of 21 cm so consider well where to place it and at what distance from the work surface.

Once you have decided where to place the bar, take the first wall holder profile placing it on the wall and use it to identify with a pencil mark where to drill the holes in the backrest, repeat the same thing with the second hanger perhaps helping yourself with a level.

At this point, take the drill, add the 8 mm bit and drill the holes in correspondence with the pencil marks. Then insert the plugs into the holes and screw the hangers using the 4 wall screws.

Now take the Horizon kitchen rack and fix it to the first hanger by screwing the hexagonal head screw with the Allen key. Repeat the same procedure with the second hanger.

After making sure that the profile is well fixed to the wall, insert the closing elements at the both ends and hang any accessories purchased to the bar.

For more information you can download the assembly sheet here or contact the technical assistance.

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