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If lately you have stepped into a furniture store, or you have met with friends who are rearranging their home or simply you hang out in a new bar, surely you've heard about industrial style. Infact it is a popular new trend that captivated all the interior design and architecture world. But what does it mean exactly and what is the true industrial style?

To understand th origin of industrial style you need to go back to the fifties in New York, when people start to use convert old abandoned firms, warehouses and depots into houses and offices.

As a consequence the industrial style, fits well with places such as loft, open space, rooms with large windows, wide spaces with exposed beams that evoke work places.

The design that tipically represents this style is based on essential and minimal lines that give life to  functional and sturdy furniture. The underground charm allows them make any room of the house very stilysh.

The materials are evocative of the industrial world, mainly wood, concrete and metal, especially dark shades.
Designing and decorating according to the industrial rules in't easy and to avoid looking fake or lame it is important to focus on details. What's the right piece of furniture to give make yyour place unique?

With a structure made of graphite hydraulic pipes and a durmast shelves set, Pipe is the detail that you are looking for. A multifunctional furniture with an essential design that can be used as a open pantry inthe kitchen or as a bookcase in the living. It is the emblem of recycling and reusing philosophy that it is behind this decor trend.
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