Giostra dividing wall /


  • Bifacial floor-to-ceiling structure | Description

    Giostra is a modular floor-to-ceiling structure made of aluminum. It is a truly bifacial system that allows you to furnish two different spaces at the same time. Thanks to a double binaries on the crossbeams, it is possible to hang different accessories on both side of the structure. Equipped with rotating feet to adjust the structure height up to 10 cm. The horizontal bars have a patented interlocking system to hook components without using screws.
    Giostra is customisable, please contact us for a tailor-made solution.

  • Technical specs

    The Giostra partition cabinet is composed of aluminum vertical uprights and crosspieces. The uprights have a maximum range of 10 cm using the swivel feet. The feet are also provided with special holes to allow the structure to be fixed to the ceiling with the screws included in the package.
    The horizontal crosspieces feature a patented interlocking coupling system to be able to attach shelves and other accessories to the structure without having to use screws.

Until June 30th, shipping to Italy is free for orders over €100.

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