Giostra-L wall-mounted bookcase /

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  • Design bookcase Giostra-L | Description

    Giostra L is a wall-mounted bookcase with a minimal and modern design. Thanks to a modular structure Giostra-L can fit in different environment. It can also be tailor-made to meet specific requirements. Giostra-L can be used as wall unite for the living room to hold tv and other iTech gadgets, italso fits well in the office, because of it is solid structure that can hold up 15 kg per each shelf. 
    Giostra-L modern bookcase can be customised with wooden or metal shelves or wooden cabinets. For those who are looking for a more intimate ambience, Giostra-L is also available with integrated LED lights, see Giostra-L Lux for additional info. 
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  • Technical specs

    The Giostra-L bookcase is equipped with a floor-wall anchoring system and swivel feet which guarantee a maximum excursion of the vertical uprights of 6 cm.
    The aluminum structure is made up of vertical uprights (including central ones) and horizontal crosspieces (5 for H 208 cm and 6 for H 238 cm and 268 cm). The distance between the horizontal crossbars is 38.7 cm, while the distance of the last crossbar from the floor varies based on the height of the structure.
    The Giostra-L modular bookcase can be customized with metal or wooden shelves and wall units with flap doors. The accessories are screwed to the horizontal crosspieces. The depth of the shelves and wall units is 31 cm, the depth of the structure as a whole is 45 cm.

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