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A media unit is the living room core, it organizes the spaces and defines the style. If we also consider the fact that the living room is the place where to relax and enjoy yourself, it is clear how important is to choose the right furniture. Your living room need to be comfy and welcoming but at the same time it should reflect your style and personality.

We have written before about how crucial it is to choose the right living room furniture in order to find a balance between technology and easthetic. So before buying a wall unit you should choose a style that you like and that fits well with the rest of the house. On the one hand the chosen structure should be expression of you taste and your personality but on the other hand it shouldn't crash with the rest of the furniture to not look messy.

Once you have chosen the style you have to determine the space that you have available. If the living area is small you will have to opt for the furnishing accessories that will allow you to optimise the available space, taking advantage of corners to not waste any inches. The wall unit sheves and draws can be maximum 40 cm deep. You can use glass or alternate open cabinet to closed ones to make the make it lok lighter. Light shades are to prefer over dark colours and boiserie. It is always a good trick to make the room bighter and look wider.  Instead if you have an open space or a big room, you can furnish and decor the whole wall. You cna either opt for modular system or freestading bookcase or partition walls to gain a cosy corner.

The last but not the least, functionality. You need to take into account th epurpose of your wall unit in order t make the right decision. If you need a tv stand will need a shalf or a stand at least or a high shelf 30 cm high and 50 cm depp at least. If you want a bookcase that can also work as a wall unit, you may want to consider a wall-mounted bookcase with customisable shelves and cupboards. Otherwise, if you need a dividing bookcase you can consider a bifacial solution such as Giostra. In this way on one side you can show your books and on the other one you place and cointaine accessories and various things. At last if you're looking for a pure decorative element, you can dare for a unique design piece to achieve a wow effect!

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