Grid modular kitchen racks system /


  • No screws kitchen racks system | Descriprion

    Grid is a modular kitchen racks system to be placed between the countertop and cabinet that doesn't require drilling and screws. Thanks to the adjustabe feet you can adjust height up to max 3 cm in order to safely fix the structure. Grid can be customised with various kitchen accessories and at the bottom there are two plexiglas storage containers fastened by a metal band.

  • Technical specs

    Grid is made up of aluminum uprights and crosspiece swhere is possible to hang kitchen accessories, which can then be easily removed and repositioned.
    The height of the uprights can be adjusted using the swivel feet which guarantee a range of 3 cm. Grid doesn't require drilling or screws because it is simply placed between the cabinet and the worktop and it is kept stable by the rotating feet.

Until June 30th, shipping to Italy is free for orders over €100.