Giostra-L modular bookcase

Design Damiano Latini

Giostra-L is a wall-mounted bookcase with a modern and minimal design. Suitable to furnish different type of rooms either in private homes or public spaces.
Thanks to its modern and light frame, Giostra-L is a great way to furnish while optimising space. It is customisable with wooden cabinets and wooden or metal shelves.

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Giostra-L Lux

Giostra-L Lux bookcase with LED

Giostra-L Lux is a wall-mounted bookcase with integrated LED lighting on each horizontal bar. The scattered lighting by LED light over the structure enhance bookcase clean design and at the same time helps to create an intimate atmosphere in your living room.
The light can be switched on/off through a remote control and it supports Google Assistant and Alexa.

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