Classic Blue is the new Pantone color 2020 /

As every year the Pantone Institute has decreed the color that will influence the trends in the world of fashion, design, furniture and beauty. The chosen color will also be the base of next year palette thta we will see in the things that we are going to buy, in websites that we will visit and in the advertising on tv and internet.

On the 5 December, the Pantone Color Institute has introduced the new color for 2020: Classic Blue, code 19-4052. The authoritative institute has decided to inaugurate the second decade of 2000 with a tone that instills the confidence and stability needed to face this time of uncertainty and confusion.

Color blue is simple and elegant, and the return to simplicity is the best strategy to cope with chaotic contemporary society. Classic blue is a timeless and reassuring shade, it is a solid base that we need to look to the future. Blue as the color of the sky at dusk and as deep as the water, to convey a sense of peace and stimulate reflection. Pantone hasn't chosen only a color, but it has launched an invitation to look beyond the surface, to widen the horizons and to welcome the diversity that characterises the human race. Going deeper, understanding and empathizing is my hope to a new approach to the second decade that we are about to cross.

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